Pregnancy Models and Charts

It  can be difficult to describe the stages of pregnancy to patients and expectant moms. With this collection of detailed anatomical models and charts, explaining the stages of pregnancy and fetal growth, beginning with 1st month and on, becomes much simpler. Some of them even display breach positioning and other common features of pregnancy.  Anatomy Warehouse offers the best prices, best service, and best variety, every day.  Not sure what you need?  Contact our expert support team for advice!

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  1. Axis Scientific Pregnancy Pelvis with Mature Fetus

  2. Fetal Development with Uterus Set

  3. Deluxe Pregnancy Series (9 Models)

  4. 3B Scientific Pregnancy Development Series Anatomy Model (8 Models)

  5. Pregnancy Pelvis Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  6. Pregnancy Stages - 5 Models

  7. Medart Pregnancy Pelvis Anatomy Model With Removable Fetus

  8. 5Th Month Human Twin Fetus Model

  9. 5Th Month Human Transverse Fetus Model

  10. 3Rd Month Human Embryo Model

  11. Pregnancy and Birth Laminated Anatomy Chart

  12. Prenatal Development Anatomical Chart
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Pregnancy Models and Charts

Pregnancy is an exciting and sometimes scary time in a woman’s life, and it’s important for patients and physicians alike to understand each phase in depth.  Physicians and gynecologists also need to be able to explain the trimesters, the effects on the body, and the best ways to treat the body in each phase of pregnancy to their patients.  With anatomical models and charts, it becomes a lot easier to display pregnancy and its impact on the body.

One of our favorite model sets is the 3B Scientific Pregnancy Development Series of 8 Models. This 8 model series includes models in each stage of development, including an example of fetal twins! Made of high quality plastic, this collection is small enough to be portable but detailed enough to be used for many purposes. Expectant mothers especially love being able to see the position and estimated size of their little one.

We highly recommend that educators and physicians pair their models with a detailed chart, like the Pregnancy and Birth Anatomy Chart.  The chart includes a variety of information about fertilization, implantation, and fetal development. 

Anatomy Warehouse offers the biggest variety of anatomical models and charts, with the best customer support in the industry.