Pregnancy Models

Pregnancy can be intimidating for first time moms.  Even experienced parents appreciate additional information about the birth and pregnancy process, and with anatomical models, it becomes easier to provide them with this peace of mind.  Anatomical models from the 1st month onward are available for a full spectrum of pregnancy and prenatal education.  Anatomy Warehouse offers the best prices, service, and variety around.  We're so sure you'll find what you need, we offer a Money Back Guarantee!

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  1. Axis Scientific Pregnancy Pelvis with Mature Fetus

  2. Fetal Development with Uterus Set

  3. Deluxe Pregnancy Series (9 Models)

  4. 3B Scientific Pregnancy Development Series Anatomy Model (8 Models)

  5. Pregnancy Pelvis Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  6. Pregnancy Stages - 5 Models

  7. Medart Pregnancy Pelvis Anatomy Model With Removable Fetus

  8. 5Th Month Human Twin Fetus Model

  9. 5Th Month Human Transverse Fetus Model

  10. 3Rd Month Human Embryo Model

  11. 5Th Month Human Breech Fetus Model

  12. 4Th Month Fetus Anatomy Model

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Pregnancy Models

Pregnancy can be an intimidating period in a woman’s life, but with detailed and accurate anatomical models, the prenatal period becomes much more comfortable and easy to understand.  Physicians and gynecologists love these models for their clarity, and they make great additions to patient education presentations.  Obstetricians also love these models and charts for their offices, and they make wonderful additions to patient waiting areas.

A popular and informative set is the Pregnancy Stages – 5 Models set from 3B Scientific. This series of 5 models displays the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th month in breach position, and 7th month. Made of durable plastic, this collection is small enough to be portable but detailed enough to be used for many purposes. Expectant mothers especially love being able to see the position and estimated size of their little one.

 We recommend pairing anatomical models with appropriate charts, such as the Prenatal Development Anatomical Chart.  The chart offers a full explanation of the 40 weeks of a standard pregnancy, as well as average size, and key milestones, such as first kicks and when a woman begins to “show.” 

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in customer support and price, plus a huge variety of products for all purposes.  Need help?  Contact our expert customer support team for advice on these and other models.