Self-Examination Trainers

Regular self examination of the breasts and testicles can help prevent disease, including cancer.  The best way to perform self-examination is easily taught with the use of a medical trainer.  Anatomy Warehouse offers testicular and breast exam trainers in a variety of prices and levels of detail, as well as information about cancers that can affect these areas.  With the best prices and service, Anatomy Warehouse will be your top stop for anatomical and medical education.  Free shipping on many orders!

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  1. Wearable Breast Self Examination with Case

  2. Wearable Breast Self Examination

  3. Breast Self Examination Model (Three Single Breasts On Base)

  4. Breast Exam Simulator

  5. SONOtrain Breast Model with Tumors

  6. Single Breast Model With Benign Tumor

  7. Testicular Self-Examination Simulator

  8. Left Breast Anatomy Model - Soft Tissue With 3 Pathologies

  9. Breast Self-Examination Poster

  10. Breast Self-Examination TearPad

  11. SONOtrain Breast Model with Systs

  12. Breast Self Examination Trainer

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Self-Examination Trainers

Proper self-examination of the breasts and testicles is important to prevention of certain types of cancer.  While the widespread use of breast self-examination is no longer recommended to every woman, those with high risk of cancer frequently receive the suggestion to check themselves by their health provider.  It’s important for these women to understand proper techniques. 

One easy way to train patients about proper self-exam is the Breast Self-Examination Trainer.  The trainer is small and portable, with several types of cysts and fibroids represented.  It allows for a range of different lumps to be identified, and can be easily cleaned for repeated use. 

For proper testicular examination training, the Life/form Testicular Self-Examination Simulator is a fascinating and useful aid, great for educating patients about proper palpation technique.  The simulator comes complete with baby powder, a tumor location educational card, and information on how to properly care for the simulator itself. 

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical education and health education aids.  Contact our support team for assistance with these and any other products we carry.