Airway Management Trainers

Medical professionals need a tremendous amount of hands-on training to be the best they can be at their jobs. Without proper training, EMTs and other rescue personnel will be less able to do their job properly, which can endanger lives. Airway management is just one of the many important skills that must be mastered to be efficient. Anatomy Warehouse offers a wide variety of manikins and other study aids for better rescue training education, many with free shipping available.

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  1. Airway Larry Adult Airway Management Trainer Head

  2. Stat Manikin With Deluxe Airway Management Head Simulator

  3. Complete CRiSis Manikin w/Advanced Airway Larry AMT Head

  4. Advanced Airway Larry Airway Management Trainer Torso

  5. Airway Management Trainer Simulator With Basic Torso

  6. Deluxe Infant Airway Trainer Simulator

  7. Child Airway Management Torso Model

  8. Economy Adult Airway Management Trainer Simulator

  9. Airway Management Trainer Simulator With Stand And Case

  10. Child Airway Management Trainer With Stand

  11. Infant Airway Management Trainer Simulator With Carry Bag

  12. Infant Airway Management Trainer Head With Board

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Airway Management Trainers and Manikins

Ensuring an open pathway to the lungs is important for rescue personnel, as well as those in intensive care units. Having a clear airway is important for intubation, anesthesia, and CPR. The most effective way to train airway management is through the use of medical training manikins, such as those offered in our extensive collection.

We offer a full collection of the popular Airway Larry series, including Airway Larry Airway Management Trainer with Electronics. This incredible manikin includes palpable landmarks, such as xiphoid process, navel, nipples, and rib cage, as well as a pliable abdomen for more complete airway practice. It offers complete simulation for a non-anesthetized patient, and is perfect for practicing intubation, ventilation, suction, and CPR techniques. Larry also has a variety of available accessories for additional training options.

For those working on a budget, we offer the Airway Simulation Board, a budget conscious option. This training board offers an easy way to demonstrate both closed and open airways. Both the jaw and head are moveable, offering an accurate representation of the head tilt, as well as the movement of airway opening and closing. It is roughly life size, as well.

With our collection of manikins to models and more, Anatomy Warehouse is sure to be your go-to for medical and anatomical training devices.