CPR and Choking Manikins

Anatomy Warehouse offers a collection of CPR and choking manikins for basic life support training. With these trainers, students will be able to get realistic hands-on practice in a variety of techniques. Classrooms will appreciate the variety of trainers available, including budget conscious and more elaborate training devices. Anatomy Warehouse is here with the best selection of trainers for the next generation of medical professionals, including nurses, EMTs, and beyond.

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  1. Adult Full Body Cpr And Trauma Training Manikin (Caucasian)

  2. Jaw Thrust Kyle Cpr Manikin With Carry Bag

  3. NENAsim Neonatal Simulator

  4. CPARLENE Adult Full Body Manikin with CPR Metrix & iPad - White

  5. CPR Lilly Pro, Light

  6. Defibrillation And Cpr Training Manikin

  7. CPARLENE Adult Full Body Manikin with Heartisense

  8. Advanced Sanitary Cpr Dog Simulator

  9. Adult Full Body Cpr And Trauma Training Manikin (African-American)

  10. CPARLENE Adult Torso Model with Heartisense - Black

  11. Adult Torso Model With Electronic Connections (White)

  12. CPR Lilly, Light

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Study CPR with Quality Training Manikins

A tremendous number of professions benefit from CPR and anti-choking training. Even those not in rescue jobs should have a working knowledge of these lifesaving skills. It’s easy to study them with manikins and trainers, such as those in our collection. With Anatomy Warehouse’s variety of life support trainers, medical personnel and educators are sure to find the perfect accessory to their studies.

One option for those learning CPR techniques is the Basic Buddy Manikin. Buddy features realistic chest movements, and doesn’t need to be cleaned, thanks to its use of disposable mouth bags. It is portable size makes it great for those who travel to teach CPR skills.

Are you teaching classes about life support and first aid skills? The Economy Instructor Start Up Simulation Pack is a set of 4 adult and 4 baby manikins for CPR training, as well as several carry bags and face shields. The set is wonderful for basic life support courses. Its bargain price tag is a great bonus as well!

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in medical training accessories, all at the best prices every day! Contact our support team with questions about these and other training devices.