Trauma Simulation Manikins

With Anatomy Warehouse's collection of trauma simulation manikins, you'll find just what you need for training as an expert in a variety of rescue and trauma situations. The manikins are realistically sized and have great detail. These manikins are ideal for providing real life learning experience in a variety of techniques for students and anyone in the medical industry. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best service and prices to its customers.

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  1. Adult Full Body Cpr And Trauma Training Manikin (Caucasian)

  2. WMD STAT Manikin

  3. Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (Phtls) Torso Manikin

  4. Wmd/Cbrne/Decon Full-Body Trainer Simulation Kit

  5. Chest Tube Manikin

  6. Adult Full Body Cpr And Trauma Training Manikin (African-American)

  7. Als Trauma Head Model

  8. Transport Rescue Head Model For Trauma Training Manikins (Caucasian)

  9. The Anatomy Lab Handling of Spinal Cord Injury Simulator

  10. The Anatomy Lab All Purpose Care & Trauma Manikin

  11. The Anatomy Lab Advanced Trauma Modules

  12. The Anatomy Lab Closed Fracture of Limbs Trainer

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Advanced Training Manikins - Trauma Simulation

Specialized training requires specialized equipment, such as the manikins in our trauma simulation collection. With these trauma simulators, a variety of high intensity situations can be replicated. Great for EMTs, nurses, doctors, military personnel and anyone else in the medical field will benefit from these amazing simulators. Educating and improving the competency of health-care providers is no easy task, but with our selection of trauma manikins, we're sure they will learn something new and fascinating.

With the Adult Full Body CPR and Trauma Training Manikin, medical trainees can replicate a variety of trauma conditions that a rescuer could come across in the field.  The manikin is heavy to mimic a more realistic body weight, and offers practice in transport, rescue, and lifesaving procedures. Moulages can be utilized with this manikin.

For additional trauma options, pair the manikin with an additional ALS Trauma Head accessory. The head can be attached to your existing ALS trainer (Simulaids models only) to simulate additional trauma situations including anaphylatic shock and laryngospasm.  It includes swelling of tongue and vocal cords as well, plus bleeding, internal and external.  It offers intubation options, too.

With Anatomy Warehouse's Low Price Guarantee, you're sure to find a great deal on a new training simulator.