Patient Care Trainers

Our line of nurse training manikins are ideal for those who are training to administer medical care to patients, and desire the most accurate and realistic experience possible. You'll be ready to save a life with one of our anatomy models or medical manikins such as the adult CPR torso, blood pressure arm, injection IV arm, ear exam simulator, training manikin, or spinal injection simulation models. Many of the manikins are life size, and all offer great detail that is perfect for students and anyone that is in the medical industry. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best prices and service in the industry.

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  1. Axis Scientific Advanced Gynecological Simulator

  2. Subcutancous Embedded Contraception Arm

  3. No Scalpel Vasectomy Model

  4. Cesarean Section Simulator

  5. 3B Scientific Patient Care Manikin PRO

  6. Basic Patient Care Manikin Pro

  7. Deluxe Dual-Sex Nurse Training Baby

  8. Annie Arterial Insufficiency Leg Model (Includes Ultrasound Doppler Sound Module)

  9. Geriatric Iv Training Arm Model

  10. SIMone Birthing Simulator

  11. Nita Newborn

  12. Seymour II Wound Care Model

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Nurse Training Manikins, Simulators & Training Aids

No one is born with the necessary skills and techniques required to save lives, and whether it's a doctor, paramedic, nurse or a military medic, each professional logs countless hours in a training room working with nurse training aids. It is only after extensive training that we come to know these people as heroes and heroines. Give your dream of becoming a great medical practitioner a boost with our range of nurse training medical aids and medical manikins.

We have accurately crafted training manikins with life-like details that are perfect for training nurses and other medical staff. From catheterizations to IV injections, a wide range of medical procedures are covered in this collection. 

We don't just offer the best quality nurse training aids but also friendly customer service where you can discuss your needs and take suggestions on the best-suited manikin. Moreover, you can pair these patient simulators and medical manikins with our anatomy models and charts for a more complete understanding of human anatomy and technique. 

Shop with Anatomy Warehouse, where you can depend on quality, delivery and expert advice to save lives all around the world!