Catheterization Trainers

Our collection of nurse and medical training manikins are perfect for those training to deliver medical care to patients. With our catheterization trainers and simulators, students will be better able to utilize this common procedure in patient care. Anatomy Warehouse offers a variety of manikins and trainers that are ideal for those entering the medical profession, as well as those training the future of medicine. We offer the best prices and service in the industry – Come see why our customers love us!

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  1. 3B Scientific Patient Care Manikin PRO

  2. KOKEN Suction Tube Feeding Simulator with Storage Bag

  3. Male Uretheral/Suprapubic Catheterization Trainer

  4. KOKEN Male Catheterization and Enema Simulator (Wearable)

  5. Catheterization Simulator Pro Set of Male and Female

  6. Male And Female Catheter Simulators

  7. Catheterization Simulator Pro, Male

  8. Catheterization Simulator Pro, Female

  9. Heart Catheter And Central Venous Catheter Simulator

  10. Deluxe Dual-Sex Nurse Training Baby

  11. Male Catheter Ed 1 Simulator

  12. Catheterization Simulator Basic Set of Male and Female

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Catheterization Trainers and Simulators

The practice of catheterizing originated as far back as ancient Syria, where reeds were used. The ancient Greeks, too, inserted hollow metal tubes through the urethra to the bladder to empty it, and gave the tool its name – Katheter. In modern usage, catheters are used for draining urine from the bladder still, but also for direct measure of blood pressure and intracranial pressure, administering anesthesia, and angioplasty, among others. These are used quite commonly, and it is important for medical personnel to understand their best usages, and how to insert them.

Urinary catheters are among the most common types, and training on them is typically best done without a live test subject. With the Male and Female Catheter Anatomy Model Set, students can learn the best ways to insert a lubricated catheter. They are also useful for teaching sterile cleaning techniques and human anatomy. They are backed by an extended warranty through the manufacturer as well, making them an ideal addition to your training regimen.

Nursing schools will love the 3B Scientific Patient Care Manikin II, a wonderful tool for a variety of training. From catheterization to injections, this manikin is one of the best ways to get a variety of training options in one place at one great price, plus 3B’s excellent extended warranty!

Anatomy Warehouse wants to help you be the best medical professional you can be. With our exceptional prices and expert customer support, we’ve got what you need.