Geriatric Training Manikins

Elderly populations face a variety of unique challenges, and treating them requires specialized training. With advanced manikins from Anatomy Warehouse, nursing students and other personnel can study techniques to help treat geriatric patients. Our collection spans a variety of subjects, and includes the famous Geri Manikin from Life/form. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best prices and services every day, as well as expert customer support to answer any questions about these and other manikins.

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  1. Axis Scientific Advanced Gynecological Simulator

  2. Advanced GERi Auscultation Manikin

  3. Advanced Geri Manikin

  4. KOKEN Aged Simulation Set - Large

  5. KOKEN Aged Simulation Set

  6. Geri Complete Geri Nursing Skills Manikin

  7. Basic GERi Manikin w/Case

  8. Basic Geri Manikin Without Carry Case

  9. Geriatric Iv Training Arm Model

  10. Bariatric CPR Manikin (Black)

  11. Geri Auscultation Manikin

  12. Geri Auscultation Update Kit For Auscultation Manikin

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Elderly Patient Care with Geriatric Training Manikins

Older patients have a variety of unique concerns that nurses and medical personnel need to be aware of, as well as changing physiology. Geriatric patients are subject to a variety of pressure injuries, increased risk of cardiovascular conditions, respiratory concerns, diabetes, and a tremendous range of conditions of the brain. With rising life expectancy around the world, it’s more vital than ever that nurses and other personnel be prepared to treat the specialized conditions of this population group.

A complete training manikin for geriatric studies is the Geri Complete Nursing Skills Manikin. With this lightweight manikin, students can learn how to provide a variety of patient care needs, such as bandaging changes, clothing changes, irrigation of ears and eyes, proper patient positioning, and even ostomy care. Enema administration, cathertization, pap smears, and prostate exams are also possible with this manikin.

One technique that requires specialized training for use with elderly patients is the use of an IV. With the Geriatric IV Training Arm Model, it’s easy to train on a realistic “patient.” Veins move as they would in an older patient, and the skin replicates the thinness of elderly skin.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best manikins for training nursing and other emergency personnel.