Obstetrics and Gynecology

Medical professionals and those entering the gynecology and obstetrics professions will benefit from our collection of pregnancy and pelvic simulators. Budding medical professionals can receive hands-on experience with pelvic exams and pap smears, all without the use of a volunteer. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical and medical education every day, with new products added regularly. Best prices, best variety, and, most of all, best customer service in the industry!

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  1. SIMone Birthing Simulator

  2. Simone Birthing Simulator

  3. NENAsim Neonatal Simulator

  4. KOKEN Full-Body Pregnancy Simulator Type II

  5. KOKEN Midwifery Practice Model Set

  6. KOKEN Neonatal Vital Signs Simulator

  7. KOKEN Vaginal Exam Model Vulva II

  8. KOKEN Infant Model for Nursing Practice

  9. KOKEN Neonatal Simulator with Storage Bag

  10. KOKEN Breast Cancer Training Model

  11. Standard Childbirth Simulator

  12. Pericardiocentesis Simulator

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Gynecology & Obstetrics Manikins, Simulators and Trainers

The science of women’s health has been around for centuries. In fact, the oldest medical text of any kind is actually a guide to women’s medical conditions and concerns, from fertility to contraceptives to diseases that can impact the female anatomy. However, widespread study of gynecology was largely impeded until later than many other medical fields, due to the taboo of examining female genitalia. Fortunately for women everywhere, the practice of gynecology has advanced since then. The field is tremendously important, requiring specialized training and tools. Practice various procedures that are vital to this field with our selection of manikins and simulators.

A crucial aspect of gynecology is the breast exam, important for early detection of potential cancer and other growth. Educate patients with how best to examine themselves with the Breast Exam Simulator. The model can be worn with a strap, and has realistic breast mass for best potential study and practice.

The process of childbirth is incredibly involved, and important to understand for those in gynecology and obstetrics. The Simone Birthing Simulator is the absolute top of the line for this. This fascinating birthing station allows for training in timing, various types of delivery, labor management, and interpreting various statuses of the baby. It truly is the best of the best, and is perfect for training facilities.

Anatomy Warehouse is here to help you become the best doctor, nurse, or specialist you can be!