Ostomy Care Trainers

With our variety of nursing and medical training devices, those pursuing a medical career will find something perfect for them, and appreciate the hands-on experience. Our selection of ostomy care trainers is perfect for studying the care of ostomy and stomas. Anatomy Warehouse offers a variety of manikins and trainers that are simply ideal for those training and educating those entering the medical profession. With the best prices and service, we'll be your go-to for medical education.

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  1. Otto Ostomy - Standard Model
  2. Small Intestine Loop

  3. Infant Ostomy Trainer

  4. 2 Diameter Stoma

  5. Ostomy Care Simulator (Adult)

  6. Otto Ostomy - Advanced Stoma Package Replacement

  7. Torso Shell, Clear

  8. Replacement Small Intestines, Stomach, Right Kidney With Ureters & Left Kidney With Ureters (Sold As A Unit)

  9. Advanced Stoma Foam Board-Stomas Not Included

  10. Illeal Conduit

  11. Transverse/Descending Large Intestine

  12. Ascending Large Intestine

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Ostomy and Stoma Care Trainers and Simulators

What is an ostomy? What about a stoma? Generally speaking, these are used somewhat interchangeably, but they are different. Ostomy is typically used to describe a surgically created opening made to discharge wastes, while a stoma is the end of the ureter or bowel, large or small, that can be seen protruding through the abdominal wall. The most common ostomy is a colostomy, but there are many types. Obviously, since this is essentially an open door to the body, it’s important for medical professionals to understand how to care for them, and be able to educate those with their own ostomies to care for.

A great training aid is the Otto Ostomy from VATA. This fascinating training manikin is modeled from a patient’s CT scan, and is visually compelling. Patients will appreciate the clear imagery, and you’ll appreciate that the parts are replaceable for years of use. The torso can be easily removed for up close study and patient education.

Nursing programs and those looking for an all-in-one training option will love the 3B Scientific Patient Care Manikin II. Besides teaching ostomy care, this manikin is one of the best ways to get a variety of training options in one place at one great price, including catheterization, irrigations, injections, and enema administration.

Anatomy Warehouse wants to help you be the best medical professional you can be. With our exceptional prices and expert customer support, we’ve got what you need.