Suture Trainers

With an appropriate medical training aid, even procedures like suturing become much easier. Our collection of suture training models includes fake skin and kits to practice stitches, at a variety of prices. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical and medical education, every day. Better yet, our prices are guaranteed to beat the competition.

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  1. Surgery Trainer Model Kit

  2. Episiotomy Suture Simulators (Set 3)

  3. KOKEN Skin for Surgical Training

  4. Suture Arm & Leg Model Set - White

  5. Pediatric Suture Head Kit

  6. Suture Practice Leg Model Set

  7. Skin Suture Trainer Model

  8. Midline Episiotomy Skin Suture Simulator

  9. Suture Arm Model

  10. KOKEN Suture Practice Kit

  11. Suture Kit, Black

  12. Attachable Suture Trainer, Black

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In Stitches – Suture Trainers

The technique of stitching skin back together after a wound has been practiced for many millennia, with a variety of materials used to form the suture. Wire, flex, even the tendons of animals have been used to stitch human flesh together, and after years of experimenting with what material is best, early 20th century surgeons and chemical engineers developed a synthetic thread which could be absorbed by the body. Suturing is simply fascinating, and a vital skill for medical professionals to have. One of the best ways to gain hands on experience is with a suture trainer, such as those in our collection.

One great option for practicing sutures is the Suture Practice Kit. This set includes a suture pad that replicates the texture of skin, plus a carry case, needle, scissors, forceps, scalpel, and nylon suture. The variety of materials included makes it a great all in one kit for those training in medical professions. The suture pad can be replaced, and is suitable for repeated use. Surgical glue and stapling can also be used with this set.

A more advanced set is the Suture Arm and Leg Set from Nasco. This set features realistic limbs, and over 100 cuts can be made on each of the trainers. Each cut can be sutured many times, too, making this a fantastic set for repeated suture practice.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in medical manikins, all at the best low prices around. Many orders even ship free!