Geriatric Training Manikin Parts

Appropriate replacement parts will extend the life of your training manikin. Our selection of geriatric training manikin replacement parts will allow for a longer life for your Geri manikin and more.Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical and medical education every day, with low low prices and incredible customer support staff.

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  1. Blood Pressure Arm Model For Nursing Skills Manikins

  2. Manikin Iv Arm

  3. Iv Skin & Vein Replacement Kit

  4. Hardware Replacement Set For Nursing Skills Manikins

  5. Bariatric CPR Manikin Replacement Face Inserts (Package Of 10) (White)

  6. Replacement Leg Injection Site For Nursing Skills Manikins

  7. Replacement Stomach Bag For Nursing Skills Manikins

  8. Replacement Lower Torso For Nursing Skills Manikins

  9. Bariatric CPR Manikin Replacement Airways (Package Of 24)

  10. Replacement Upper Leg For Nursing Skills Manikins

  11. Replacement Left Foot For Nursing Skills Manikins

  12. Replacement Left Shoulder For Nursing Skills Manikins

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Geriatric Training Manikin Replacement Parts

Older patients have a variety of unique health concerns that medical personnel need to be aware of, as well as changing physiology. With rising life expectancy around the world, it’s more vital than ever that nurses and other personnel be prepared to treat the specialized conditions of this population group. A detailed training manikin, specially designed for care of the elderly, will make this easier, and the best way to extend the life of your manikin is through the use of replacement parts.

Over time, the hardware in your Geri specialized manikin may start to age. Not to worry! We offer a set of replacement hardware specially made for use with your Geri/Keri nursing skills manikins.

Expanding the abilities of your Geri manikin is another way to make it last longer. Add on the Manikin IV Arm for added intravenous injection training options. The specially designed skin and veins will actually roll appropriate when palpated, too!

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best manikins for training nursing and other emergency personnel.