Injection and Venipuncture Trainer Parts

Intravenous injection training is so vital to so many types of medical professionals, and training manikins and devices are a great way to practice.  Extend the life  of your IV trainer with our collection of replacement parts.  They are perfect for nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and anyone training for a medical profession. Anatomy Warehouse carries a huge variety of anatomical and medical study aids, from manikins to models, simulators to study guides, all at the best low prices on the web.

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  1. Venatech Iv Trainer Simulator White Skin (Package 5)

  2. Venatech Iv Trainer Simulator Black Skin (Package Of 5)

  3. Instrument Kit With Puncture Needle And Syringe

  4. Spinal Replacement Kit For Spinal Injection Simulator

  5. Foley Catheter, 16 Fr, 5Cc (Package Of 10)

  6. Advanced Venipuncture & Injection Arm: Skin And Vein Replacement Kit (White)

  7. Skin & Artery Replacement Kit For Arterial Puncture Arm Model

  8. Venipuncture And Injection Training Arm: Skin And Vein Replacement Kit (White)

  9. Vein Replacement Only For Advanced Iv Arm Model

  10. Injection Belly Simulator

  11. Tissue Block 6 7/8 X 5 1/4 - Latex Free Dermalike II, Darkly Pigmented

  12. Diabetic Injection Pad Simulator Refill

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Venipuncture and IV Trainer Replacement Parts

The common practice of venipuncture requires specific training, and with a detailed training manikin or arm, you’ll learn appropriate techniques without the use of a live volunteer. Training manikins and devices can be made to last for years and years with the use of replacement parts, like skin and vein replacement.

Teaching diabetic patients how to give themselves injections is made easier with the use of a Diabetic Injection Pad, but each pad can only be used so many times. For added longevity of your diabetic education, we offer Injection Pad Simulator Refills. These pads can be used over and over, but replacement is important for the best value.

Training students to properly perform epidurals is very important. After all, a poorly injected epidural can cause a patient extreme pain, or release spinal fluid. Our Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer is a wonderful option. It has replaceable skin and spinal bone, and offers realistic responses to improperly performed epidurals.

Anatomy Warehouse is the best option for educators and students looking for advanced medical training aids without a high price tag. Our Low Price Guarantee speaks for itself!