Rescue Training Aids

For the tutelage of daring adventurers in the field of medical aid, these rescue manikins are ideal. Procedures such as IO infusion, femoral injection, CPR, harnessing and lung reinflation are made easy and understandable with this line of highly detailed and durable manikins and simulators. We carry the highest quality anatomical models for the lowest prices on the web at

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  1. Jaw Thrust Kyle Cpr Manikin With Carry Bag

  2. Stat Manikin With Deluxe Airway Management Head Simulator

  3. Stat Adult Als Manikin

  4. Complete Child Manikin Kit For Airway Management

  5. Als Full Body With Sim Box

  6. Rescue Randy Large Body Manikin (185 Lb.)

  7. Randy 9000 Manikin For Optimal Training Use

  8. Rescue Randy Large Body Manikin (175 Lb.)

  9. Rugged Rescue Randy - 165 lbs.

  10. I.A.F.F. Rescue Randy Manikin (with Additional Reinforcement) 6' 1, 165 lbs.

  11. Rescue Randy Firefighter Combat Challenge Manikin (165 Lbs.)

  12. Rescue Randy 5' 5 165 lbs.

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Shop Rescue Training Aids and Manikins

Train like a pro with our special collection of manikins and simulators. Prepare and train for real life situations with the help of Anatomy Warehouse's collection of life-like, high quality rescue training manikins and medical simulators. Our product range is diversified so you can find the best fit of medical simulators and training aids for your hospital, school or training seminar. You can choose from a variety including the famous Rescue Randy, water rescue manikins, or weighted training vests for even more realistic training options.

These patient simulators and first aid manikins are thoroughly detailed and professionally created to assist medical experts and students alike. We have carefully selected each and every rescue training manikin and medical simulator in order to ensure quality education and training. We understand how dangerous leaving room for error can be in the medical field. With these simulators and manikins, practice makes you perfect.  

Shop with Anatomy Warehouse for the best quality products and prices.  Our amazing customer support team is here to help with any questions you may have.