Adult Rescue Manikins

With our variety of rescue manikins, training a variety of dangerous and important techniques for water rescue, confined space rescue, and more is possible. Designed for use in studying rescue techniques for adults, these manikins can be utilized for a range of techniques. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in manikins, models, and charts, all at the best low prices every day.

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  1. Stat Manikin With Deluxe Airway Management Head Simulator

  2. Stat Adult Als Manikin

  3. Adult Cpr Water Rescue Manikin

  4. Adolescent Cpr Water Rescue Manikin

  5. Adult Water Rescue Manikin

  6. Adolescent Water Rescue Manikin

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Rescue Manikins – Adult Sized

Training medical personnel and emergency responders requires development of a specific set of skills. Since it can be difficult to practice rescue techniques without a live volunteer, or to replicate emergency scenarios, the use of a rescue manikin can be very useful. With a range of rescue trainers for a variety of situations, Anatomy Warehouse has what you need.

A great option for those looking for a good adult manikin is the STAT Manikin with Deluxe Airway Management Head Simulator. This deluxe trainer includes the STAT Simulator, one of the most advanced manikins around in its price range, as well as the Deluxe Airway Management Head. These two, paired together, make a great all-in-one option for rescue training.

Looking for a water rescue option? The Adult Water Rescue Manikin is a great one! This manikin can be made to weigh a realistic adult weight by filling it with water. Once it is full of water, it will sink to its neck. You can also add an additional weight to the manikin to make it sink further, for further training. Emergency rescue personnel and lifeguards will benefit from this manikin.

Anatomy Warehouse is here to help you find the perfect tool to be successful in your rescue training.