Advanced Life Support

Advanced Life Support Models by Nasco

Life support is an important skill that can enable people to save lives at the earliest without the need for much tools at hand. But to teach the basics of life support, medical personnel require proper training dummies for the intricacies to be imparted in detail. If you are on the lookout for professional apparatus that will help you pass on the knowledge about life support , then Anatomy Warehouse is where you should be headed. Here you will find both basic as well as advanced life support training tools by Nasco.   

The manikins/models by Nasco include airway management trainer simulator, intraosseous infusion/femoral access leg simulator, deluxe complete infant crisis manikin, CPR prompt, adult tracheostomy tube, and many other emergency life-saving devices for demonstration purpose. In addition to this, the Nasco product line also has patient care trainers and food replicas to instill a sense of overall well-being  through complete awareness.   

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