Otto Ostomy - Advanced Model with Case


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A better understanding of Ostomies ¦.. From the Inside Out! The more healthcare providers understand ostomies, the better they will be able to educate and encourage their patients about this life-changing event. Proper teaching helps increase patients ™ understanding of their condition and the adjustments which may be necessary for achieving a satisfactory standard of life with their new stoma. That ™s why VATA, a leader in anatomical healthcare models, has created Otto Ostomy, the ultimate educational tool for nurses and patients. Pre-operative teaching allows patients and their families to begin learning about ostomies prior to surgery, at a time when they are less distracted ”reducing anxiety. Seeing the 3D digestive and urinary tracts and visualizing the location and function of the various organs is essential to learning, especially in those cases where cognitive processes or language may be an obstacle. Modeled from an actual patient ™s CT scan, Otto Ostomy will help your patients and their families become more knowledgeable about what to expect, while demonstrating how ileostomies, urostomies and colostomies function. Otto Ostomy has a clear torso shell with four openings for the insertion of stomas. The torso shell is easily removed for teaching or to facilitate in accessing and manipulating the intestines. The color coded organs displayed include: Stomach, Small intestine, Large Intestine, Rectum, Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder The large intestine, small intestine, rectum and bladder are all removable to aid in teaching procedures where these organs will be removed. The ureters can be removed from the bladder and reinserted into the ileal conduit to show how a urostomy functions. The flexible small and large intestines can be separated and attached to the backside of the stoma in the torso shell to demonstrate either an end or loop stoma. The large intestine can be separated at four different locations: Ascending colon, Transverse colon, Descending colon, Sigmoid colon Includes an anodized aluminum base, clear torso shell with four openings for stoma placement, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, kidneys, ureters, bladder, ileal conduit, small intestine loop, ileostomy and colostomy loop adapters and the following stomas: 7/8" diameter, 2" diameter, urostomy with 3" stents in place, loop with rod, loop without rod, double barrel, oval, mushroom, prolapsed, 3" diameter, granuloma, necrotic, ischemic, in-skin-fold, parastomal hernia, mucocutaneous separation, recessed, flush.
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