Use Product Class To Find the Right Anatomy Model For You

Every product we carry at is anatomically accurate and tested for quality, from the Top-Tier anatomy models that feature unparalleled detail and functionality, to our Economy models that bring anatomical study to all budgets. Part of our ongoing mission is not only to bring you all of the anatomy products you need to take your education to the next level, but to provide extensive knowledge and expertise on all of the thousands of products you can choose from.

No one knows our products like we do. We perform exhaustive testing on everything we carry to make sure it’s going to perform in the classroom, lab, office, the field, or anywhere in between. Our products are used by people who save lives every day, and we take that very seriously. To that end, we’ve created a rating scale to help you find exactly what product is going to fit your needs. Because people depend on our products to become better educators, EMTs, surgeons, nurses and everything in between, we can’t think of anything more important than getting the right product in the right hands.

Shop with confidence knowing that you’re making a purchase that is going to meet your expectations and fit your needs. Use our simple yet powerful 3-level Product Class rating to determine what type of model, chart or simulation tool you need. And, if you’re still not quite sure, we’re always excited to help you through the decision-making process – just give us a call at 800.422.1134, shoot us an email at, or jump on a LiveChat, and we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect heart model, anatomy chart, anatomical skeleton, CPR manikin or training simulator for you!

What is Top-Tier?

We like to think of these products as the closest thing you can get to a cadaver or actual living human. The level of craftsmanship on our Top-Tier products is incredible, with every last vessel, nerve, suture, fiber, or structure presented in vivid, crisp, accurate detail. Major and minor structures are dissectible, which gives an even deeper level of study, and provides students with an opportunity to positively identify even the smallest parts.

Most of these products are actually hand-made and hand-painted in the United States or Europe, created by true artists. The skeletal parts that are in our Top-Tier Product Class are actually cast from original human bones – not just made in any metal mold, these skeletal products are incredible replicas of an actual human skeleton. Our practical skills trainers are modeled after real patients from real-life situations and then tested by industry professionals in the field. These trainers, like our anatomical models, are as close to a real human as it gets. We and our manufacturers believe so firmly in the superiority of these products that almost every Top-Tier product comes with a 3 year warranty, and to complement the product, a detailed product manual (most of which are also available for download directly from the product page).

Our Top-Tier products are unmatched in the industry, and we recommend them most often for specialized anatomical study and practical skills training. They are right at home in an advanced high school Anatomy & Physiology class, but are most often found in labs at major universities and medical organizations, in the hands of current and future physicians, surgeons, and practitioners.

What is Mid-Range?

We have a product for every need. Our Mid-Range products are applicable to just about every situation our products are used in, because they are a great blend of uncompromised quality and simple, focused education. What falls in to the Mid-Range Product Class doesn’t skimp on quality or detail, but in contrast to our Top-Tier products, these products are more simplified. That means instead of dissecting into all 22 parts of the human skull, they dissect in to just the primary areas, giving you access to all of the same details in a less complicated format.

Our Mid-Range products are often used for patient consultation; many of them come with educational key cards and attractive bases and stands that complete the professional look of any office. The combination of vibrant detail and simple features and design make using these products with inexperienced patients and students incredibly easy and powerful. These products are also a favorite of schools and students who need to find a balance of quality and cost, because they’re packed with nearly as much detail as our Top-Tier products, and while the Mid-Range products have fewer features and removable parts, none of the anatomical detail has been sacrificed.

We often recommend the Mid-Range line of products to those who still need the detail, depth, and accuracy, but without some of the extra “bells and whistles”, of our Top-Tier products. Our Mid-Range line is a great source of value for any level of education, training, or consultation.

What is Economy?

Our Economy Product Class is all about making quality medical education available to everyone, regardless of budget or desired application. These products meet any budget, and yet, continue to deliver meaningful features and detail that provide an educational experience for everyone. As with our Top-Tier and Mid-Range products, the Economy products provide great value for the right application.

Educators working with elementary or beginner students will find all of the detail they need in the Economy products, but without the fear of having a student accidentally drop a budget-busting heart model. These products are easily removed from their bases for additional study and exploration, and their removable parts, while not as numerous as the Top-Tier products, still provide a quality education for just about any audience. Many of our Economy models come with simplified yet highly-instructional product manuals that teachers can use as quick references during classroom discussions.

Our mission isn’t just to provide students, educators, physicians, and practitioners with everything they need to learn about anatomy, but to make medical education available to everyone. Our Economy products meet our rigorous standards for quality while offering an economical alternative to our Top-Tier and Mid-Range lines.