Rudiger Anatomie Painted and Numbered Flexible Spine with Ribs and Femur Heads


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This beautiful representation of a human spine, along with rib cage and femur heads, is the perfect model cast from a specifically selected human skeleton material to ensure that the details and bony landmarks are not compromised. This item is not just a replica, it is actually cast from a real life skeleton to capture the most realistic features as possible, and is the closest thing to a cadaver skeleton that is out there.

This outstanding model features hand painted muscle insertion points in blue and origin points in red. The different muscles are numbered as well, and it is paired with a corresponding product manual.

The spine is flexible, allowing for the demonstration of natural movement, and is able to maintain different positions. The spinal nerves and vertebral arteries are also included. It has been manufactured to stand the test of time and not fail after numerous years of use.

This item is accompanied by a metal stand, and has been manufactured by medical artists and craftsmen in Germany. Backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty.

Measures 33 inches in height.

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Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education, Patient Consultation
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