Sponge Lung Demo Kit


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By Jon W. Hisgen.An excellent visualization of how the appearance of the lungs changes due to smoking.

The Sponge Lungs are used to demonstrate how the smoking of one, four, or fifteen cigarettes damage your lungs. Insert a cigraette into the tube and watch as the smoke turns the lungs from white to tan to dark brown over time with multiple "smoking breaks". Best if used as an outdoor activity to avoid any possible secondhand smoke.

Students create logs in their notebooks to record the appearance and smell of the lungs, and the appearance of the plastic bronchial tube.

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MPN LF01135U
Product FAQ

Q: Is this product washable?
A: Unfortunately, this product is not washable. You would have to buy a new model once the lungs reach their darkest possible color.  

Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Best Uses Patient Consultation, Practical Skills Training
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