Instructor Aids

Sometimes, books and charts just don't cut it! Instructors appreciate additional options when educating their students. With our collection of medical school appropriate microscope slides, display kits, and charts, medical professionals and those who educate them will find just what they need to expand student understanding. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best prices and variety in the industry, including free shipping on many items.

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  1. Human Pathology - English Microscope Slides Basic Set

  2. Lifting Demonstration Figure Model

  3. Human Tissues - English Microscope Slides

  4. Ready-Or-Not Tot Control Box (Enhanced Model)

  5. Ready-Or-Not-Tot Intermediate Electronics Package

  6. Human Scalp and Hair - English Slides

  7. Sensory Organs - English Slides

  8. Human Genital System - English Microscope Slides

  9. Animal Cell Anatomy - English Microscope Slides

  10. Standard Ready-Or-Not Tot Control Box

  11. Human Nervous System - English Microscope Slides

  12. Respiratory And Circulatory Systems - English Microscope Slides

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Instructor Aids – Microscope Slides and More

Studying anatomy doesn't have to be boring, and certainly, teaching science should never be! Anatomy Warehouse offers a collection of medical school appropriate microscope slides, charts, books, and other aids to help you give the future medical professionals of the world the education they need.

We offer a number of aids to help with practical, hands-on training, such as charts covering proper intramuscular injection techniques, plus DVDs to accompany the manikins and simulators we offer. Students benefit greatly from hands-on study, and we're proud to offer a full complement of study aids for this purpose.

Our collection also includes a number of microscope slides, such as the Human Pathology Microscope Slides Set. With this exciting set, students will be able to observe a variety of pathological traits, including carcinomas, ovarian cysts, and necrotic pneumonia. The set makes an excellent addition to advanced coursework.

Instruct anatomy with the best! Anatomy Warehouse is here to help you find the perfect aid for your class. Contact our expert customer support team for advice.