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The Top 20 Models and Charts

Budget Life Size Skull Anatomy Model  

Budget Life-Size Skull Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-102491
MPN:  CS20
Brand:  Anatomical Chart Company

A favorite among customers of all types through the years, the Budget Life-Size Skull offers enough detail to satisfy most users, from student to professional.  Its great price makes it easy for anyone to own their very own skull anatomy model. The model features a removable calvarium with interior anatomical details and a moveable jaw with 3 removable teeth.

Skull | Basic Skulls 

Budget Life Size Heart Anatomy Model  

Budget Life-Size Heart Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-102490
Brand:  Anatomical Chart Company

Budget conscious and with enough detail for basic study, the Budget Life-Size Heart anatomy model is great for elementary students.  Makes a great visual aid for science fairs and projects!  The model bisects into 2 parts. 

Heart | Basic Hearts

Tiny Tim My First Skeleton

Tiny Tim My First Skeleton
SKU:  A-102645
Brand:  Anatomical Chart Company

Tiny Tim is among our most popular skeletons, thanks to his combination of convenient size and basic anatomical detail.  At 16.5" tall, Tiny Tim makes a perfect desktop anatomy model, with removable limbs, a calvarium that lifts off to reveal internal structures, and a spring-mounted jaw that moves.  Great for kids or as a gift. 

Skeleton | Mini Skeletons

Budget Bucky Skeleton

First Quality Budget Bucky Skeleton Anatomy Model With Stand
SKU:  A-102484
MPN:  CH10
Brand:  Anatomical Chart Company

Famous the world over for his combination of price and basic anatomical detail, Budget Bucky is our most popular life size school-level skeleton, and a common site in high school biology classrooms.  His removable limbs, articulated joints, and cut calvarium allow for tremendous study options when bone detail isn't necessary.  Includes stand.

Skeleton | Basic Skeletons

Budget Vertebral Column

Budget Vertebral Column Anatomy Model With Stand
SKU:  A-102500
Brand:  Anatomical Chart Company

Perfect for students and patient education, this life-size anatomical model of the human vertebral column offers a budget friendly look at the spine. The model features a complete pelvis, sacrum, and occiput, as well as the vertebral artery, nerve branches, and a herniated disc at L3/L4.  Includes stand for easy display.

Spine & Vertebral Columns | Complete Spine Models

Flexible Mr. Thrifty with Spinal Nerves

Flexible Mr. Thrifty Skeleton Anatomy Model With Spinal Nerves
SKU:  A-102517
Brand:  Anatomical Chart Company

The popular Mr. Thrifty collection of skeleton models offer a balance of price and good basic detail for early anatomical study.  This version offers a flexible spine with spinal cord, nerve roots, vertebral artery, and visible herniated disc.  The joints of the skeleton are articulated, and the skull is removable, with a cut calvarium.  This 33.5" skeleton is an ideal basic desktop model for medical offices, and great for early students of anatomy.

Skeleton | Mini Skeletons



One Pound Of Fat Replica Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-101864
MPN:  WA07173U
Brand:  Nasco

This fascinating replica is a shocking representation of the approximate volume of one pound of fatty tissue.  Made of soft, pliable vinyl plastic, this realistic model makes a great display for medical and health professionals. 

Nutrition & Diet | Fat & Muscle Replicas

Budget Lumbar Vertebrae

Budget Lumbar Vertebrae Anatomy Model, 4 Parts
SKU:  A-102887
Brand: Anatomical Chart Company

This budget model of the Lumbar Spine offers a great view of the spinal cord and nerve roots, as well as a herniated disc and two normal discs.  This economical model is best for display, or for education that doesn't require extensive detail.

Spine & Vertebral Columns | Lumbar Spine

Muscled Shoulder Joint

Muscled Shoulder Joint Anatomical Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-100744
MPN:  1810
Brand: GPI Anatomicals

This detailed anatomical model of the shoulder joint includes the muscles of the shoulder, a semi-articulating rotator cuff, and an encapsulated removable humerus.  The model is presented on an attractive stand, with a removable educational card.  This model makes a perfect addition to patient education and student study. 

Shoulder | Muscled Joints

Cervical Spinal Column

Cervical Spinal Column
SKU:  A-100274
MPN:  A72
Brand: 3B Scientific

This high quality replica of the human cervical spine is perfect for advanced study and patient education.  Along with the 7 cervical vertebrae, it shows the occipital plate, intervertebral discs, vertebral arteries, and spinal cord.  The Cervical Spinal Column model is able to bend, giving patients and students an exceptional view of the muscles and ligaments of the cervical spine. 

Spine & Vertebral Columns | Cervical Spine

Budget Jumbo Heart Model

Budget Jumbo Heart Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-102489
Brand: Anatomical Chart Company

This giant 4x life size anatomical heart model is great for early students of anatomy, especially elementary students.  The model dissects into 3 parts, and displays anterior, posterior, and interior views.  Valve details are visible, a great feature for a budget model!  This model is also a great visual aid for school science fair projects.

Heart | Basic Hearts

Painted and Numbered Big Tim

Painted and Numbered Big Tim Skeleton Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-102646
Brand: Anatomical Chart Company

At 25.5" tall, Painted and Numbered Big Tim is a desktop sized skeleton that's perfect for basic studies of human anatomy.  His left side shows painted muscle origins and insertions, while the right shows numbered features.  His calvarium is cut, allowing for looks at the inside of his skull, and his jaw is spring-mounted for easy movement.  His arms, legs, and skull are also removable.  Big Tim includes a detailed keycard for study.

Skeleton | Mini Skeletons

Classic Student Heart

Classic Student-Size Heart
SKU:  A-100606
MPN:  G08
Brand: 3B Scientific

This slightly smaller than life size anatomical heart model features excellent detail at a price you're going to love.  The heart is easily bisected, allowing for studies of internal structures of the chambers and valves of the heart.  This model is anatomically correct, and perfect for students or patient education.  A perfect introductory heart model for early medical students!

Heart | Basic Hearts

Functional Knee Joint

Functional Knee Joint Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-100078
MPN:  A82
Brand: 3B Scientific

The Functional Knee Joint Anatomy Model allows demonstration of the anatomy and mechanics of the human knee joint, including easily demonstrable abduction, anteversion, and more.  The model includes portions of the femur, tibia, and fibula, along with miniscus, patella, the quadriceps tendon, and the ligaments of the joint, such as the ACL and PCL.  This model is a perfect addition to patient education, and makes the relationship between the parts of the knee easy to understand.

Knee | Extremities and Joints

Budget Bucky Painted and Numbered
  Budget Bucky Painted and Numbered Skeleton Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-102483
MPN:  CH168
Brand: Anatomical Chart Company

Like his unpainted brothers in the Bucky family, Budget Bucky Painted and Numbered Skeleton features articulated joints, and a great level of detail for introductory anatomy students.  As an added bonus, his left side includes painted origins and insertions, and the right shows numbered structures.  This skeleton is ideal for high school level courses, and even early undergraduate anatomical study.  His calvarium is cut, allowing for study of the inside of the skull, and the limbs are removable. 
Foot and Ankle Anatomy Model
  Foot and Ankle Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-100750
MPN:  1980
Brand: GPI Anatomicals

The Foot and Ankle Model offers a life sized, anatomically accurate view of the right foot.  It features the platar calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament with plantar fascitis, as well as portions of the tibia and fibula, calcaneus, Achilles tendon, several ligaments, and tarsal and metatarsals.  The model is great for displaying movements of the feet to patients and students, and makes an attractive display in medical facilities.
Full Disarticulated Budget Skeleton
  Full Disarticulated Budget Skeleton With Skull Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-102700
MPN:  CHA5-1
Brand: Anatomical Chart Company

This life-size disarticulated human anatomical skeleton is great for students!  Featuring a 3-part skull, this skeleton includes all of the bones of the human body, including a complete left hand and left foot.  Disarticulated skeletons are a great option for hands-on study, and understanding the structure and features of individual bones. 
Stan Skeleton
  Classic Stan Human Skeleton Anatomy Model
SKU:  A-100140
MPN:  A10
Brand: 3B Scientific

Stan, the classic human skeleton from 3B Scientific, is a super popular skeletal model, thanks to his excellent detail!  He's been a common sight in hospitals, universities, and labs for more than 50 years.  Stan offers clear anatomical detail, and has articulated joints.  A wonderful balance of price and detail!
The Muscular System
  The Muscular System Anatomical Chart
SKU:  A-102597
MPN: 9781587799815
Brand: Anatomical Chart Company

A classic!  The Muscular System Anatomical Chart features recognizable illustrations from Peter Bachin - This is the muscle chart you've seen in doctor's offices for years.  This chart displays the anterior and posterior views of the muscular system, as well as the diaphragm, posterior abdominal wall, and the hand and foot.  A perfect addition to your hospital, classroom, or even for independent study. 
The Skeletal System
  The Skeletal System Anatomical Chart
SKU:  A-102609
MPN: 9781587799822
Brand: Anatomical Chart Company

Featuring classic illustrations by Peter Bachin, the Skeletal System Anatomical Chart is a detailed addition to your medical facility, classroom, or for study.  The chart shows anterior, posterior, and lateral views of the human skeletal system, as well as the long bone, auditory ossicles, ligaments of the right hand and foot, and the right knee joint.  One of the most trusted images in medical education for years, and our most popular chart ever!