Tpak 100 Adult/Child Manikin Cpr Prompt Training And Practice (5-Pack)


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This 5 pack of the TPAK1 manikins is perfect for classes. Practice CPR techniques and more with these easy to clean, sanitary manikins. CPR, mouth to mouth, the Heimlich maneuver, and abdominal thrusts can be practiced. The manikins also feature realistic anatomical landmarks, including carotid arteries, rib cage, and more.

Includes a rugged nylon carry bag, plus 50 face shield/lung bags and an insertion tool. Made in the USA by Nasco. Five year warranty.

Provides valuable student feedback and other important features:
Head tilt/chin lift required to open airway
Proper anatomical landmarks
Audible compression “clicker” to ensure proper technique.

Ideal for group training - allows each student to have their own manikin for maximum practice time. Easy-to-clean heads are dishwasher safe and can easily be sanitized. Lung bags are replaceable. Designed to meet American Heart Association criteria for desirable manikin features. With age selector dial that adjusts chest compression piston for learning adult or child techniques.

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MPN LF06100U
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Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Best Uses Practical Skills Training
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