Understanding Menopause Anatomical Chart, 3rd Edition


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This updated 3rd edition covers a variety of key aspects to this transitional period in a woman's life, with a strong focus on the importance of health maintenance. The chart defines menopause and perimenopause and gives a brief description of the changes that may be experienced, accompanied by an illustration of the female reproductive anatomy. An overview of medications that may help with symptoms is provided, including the benefits and risks of hormone therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine. Also lists other ways to manage the symptoms and stay healthy after menopause. Emphasizes the importance of continuing/re-establishing a relationship with a health care provider for various exams and tests, and provides a useful table of important exams, such as mammograms, blood pressure, colonoscopy, bone scan, etc., along with the recommended frequency of the test.

Measures 20x26". Printed in the USA by Anatomical Chart Company.

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