Urinary System - English Microscope Slides


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The Urinary System - English Microscope Slides are microscope slides from 3B Scientific and manufactured in Germany. 10 Microscope Slides.1(d). Kidney, cat, t.s. showing cortex and medulla with glomeruli2(f). Kidney, pig, t.s. showing injected vessels3(e). Kidney, human, t.s. showing cortex and medulla with glomeruli4(c). Kidney, rat, t.s. of the whole organ5(d). Kidney, rat, l.s. of the whole organ6(d). Kidney of mouse, t.s. vital stained to demonstrate storage7(e). Ureter, human, t.s.8(c). Urinary bladder, cat, t.s.9(e). Urethra, human, t.s.10(d). Penis, rabbit, t.s. The slides are best used for student education on the urinary system.
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