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3D Printed Models

At the forefront of both medicine and technology, these 3D Printed Anatomy Models are unlike anything on the market today. Created from a combination of MRI and CT scans of a real cadaver specimen, these models are printed to life using cutting-edge 3D printers and materials. Why use a 3D printed anatomy model? For one, the detail in each model is as close to life as anything that has ever been produced artificially. Not to mention, the ethical benefits of not working with actual human specimens or the mess and health risks associated with preserved specimen chemicals. Contact us today to order one of these incredible models!

3DyourSCAN Printed Models                


What are 3D Printed Anatomy Models?

3D printing is a revolutionary manufacturing process that works by building layers of material to create a 3-Dimensional object, and is virtually limitless in possibility.  Using CT or MRI imaging data, we can model an actual human cadver and bring it to life in 3-Dimensions, or we can take your personal MRI and make a model of your exact anatomy, true to life and true to your unique anatomy.  We are pleased to offer two lines of 3D printed anatomy models:

3DyourSCAN Models - Your Personal, Unique Anatomy Brought to Life

Have you ever wanted to see your own internal anatomy?  Are you planning a complicated, high-risk surgery and need to know exactly what to expect when you enter the O.R.?  Our 3DyourSCAN printed models are designed to give patients and physicians alike the power to hold patient-specific anatomical models in their hands, ensuring both medical accuracy and patient privacy.  Take the mystery out of complex surgeries and instill confidence in your patients by showing them an exact replica of their anatomy before surgery.  Before you go under the knife, insist your surgeon study your anatomy in a way like never before, by taking the MRI off the screen and putting it in his or her hands.

Human Cadaver Replicas - Uncompromised Anatomical Detail

These models are made from CT and MRI data of actual human specimens, and are 100% anatomically accurate to the specimen the model was made from.  Every single detail, no matter how small, is brought to life in vivid detail and color.  Gone are the days of ethically questionable human remains, as our human cadaver replicas leave no detail behind and, of course, do not require extensive use agreements or complicated preservation solutions.  When you need the absolute best in anatomical accuracy, our Human Cadaver Replicas are second to none.