Anatomical Models

Our collection of models features varying levels of detail, making it easy to find the right anatomical model, human skeleton, anatomical organ model, or veterinary model that fits your needs. From full-size human anatomical figures with dozens of removable organs and muscles to smaller anatomy torsos featuring dissectible parts, these anatomy models, including heart, foot, ear, hand, and muscle models are ideal for classrooms or large audiences. Anatomy Warehouse is here to help you prepare for tests, give your lecture, or educate your patients.

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  1. Axis Scientific Enlarged Model of Placenta

  2. Axis Scientific Foot Skeleton Loosely Threaded
    As low as $50.00

  3. Axis Scientific Hand Skeleton Loosely Threaded
    As low as $50.00

  4. Vascular Arm Anatomy Model Life Size

  5. 4 Stage Osteoarthritis Knee Set Anatomy Model

  6. Axis Scientific Dual Sex Muscled Human Torso Model

  7. Axis Scientific 9 Part Foot with Muscles, Ligaments, Nerves and Arteries

  8. 4-Stage Osteoarthritis Shoulder Anatomy Model

  9. Osteoarthritis Hand Anatomy Model

  10. Rudiger Anatomie Deluxe Super Skeleton with Musculature and Ligaments

  11. Axis Scientific 18-Part Premium Unisex Life-Size Torso with Open Back

  12. Axis Scientific Didactic Skull on Cervical Vertebrae with Nerves and Arteries

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Items 1-12 of 909

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Anatomical Models for Education and Training

We have compiled a huge selection of human anatomy models, great for medical classrooms, veterinary offices, and other medical facilities. These human skeleton models include isolated body part models such as the heart, foot, ear, hand and muscle models with accurate detailing. We also have full body skeletons and durable models of female and male anatomy made from life-like materials. The accurately displayed and removable anatomical models will ensure that you sail through a patient education session or an instruction class without any inconvenience or lack of a teaching aid.

Whether you need skeletal parts or organ replicas, we have what you need, with a huge variety to choose from. Our collection includes more than 800 models, and our expert staff can help you pick just the right one for you. Hearts, brains, eyes, stomachs – Anything you need for anatomical study is available here. Forget cadavers or poor imitations of organs and switch to better quality human anatomical figures for a thorough insight into what goes on inside.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best prices and a Money Back Guarantee to help you have peace of mind with every purchase.