Digestive System

Internal organ models and digestive system models ranging from comprehensive GI tract models to individual kidney models, liver models, stomach models, pancreas models and intestines, these models are typically used in student training and patient education. Many of the anatomical models come with colorful key cards that give additional depth to studying, and also allow patients to visualize their internal organs. Our digestive system models are often dissectible and feature removable parts or include nearby organs to demonstrate the relationship of each organ and its role in the digestive process. Many offices pair our anatomical models with anatomy posters, allowing for a well-rounded presentation to patients and colleagues.

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  1. Stomach Anatomy Model With Ulcers

  2. Axis Scientific Abdominal Cross Section Model at T12

  3. Axis Scientific Diseased Liver Model

  4. Axis Scientific Human Digestive System

  5. Human Liver Anatomy Model With Gallbladder

  6. Life-Size Human Digestive System Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  7. Life-Size Digestive System Anatomy Model 2 Parts

  8. Intestinal Diseases

  9. SOMSO Complete Digestive System Model - 2/3 Life Size

  10. Life-Size 5 Part Digestive System Anatomy Model

  11. Intestinal Villi Anatomy Model

  12. Human Stomach Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

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Detailed Digestive System Anatomy Models

Anatomy Warehouse is the #1 online shop for all things anatomical.

Our wide range of digestive system models includes highly detailed models, including the stomach, liver, kidneys and others. With our focus on product quality, we deliver only the best and most accurate digestive system models for doctors, students and medical professionals.  Give your patients a detailed learning experience and a better understanding about their bodily functions. Many of the digestive models in the collection come with removable parts for an even more in-depth study. Present your students with the opportunity to study various organs more closely. You can get a full life size digestive system model or go for individual organs and parts.  

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