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Pancreas and Gallbladder Models

A proper study of the digestive system includes a thorough understanding of each individual organ, including the pancreas and gallbladder. Each has its own unique benefits and roles, and understanding them and their function in the body will help medical students and professionals alike. Anatomy Warehouse offers a collection of models, charts, and other study aids to expand your anatomical understanding. With free shipping and the best prices in the industry, we are the clear choice for medical study models and charts.

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Get Biled Up!  Anatomical Models of the Pancreas and Gallbladder

Did you know that gallbladders are associated with courage in Chinese language? Chinese medicine also views the gallbladder as the source of decision making. In fact, even in the English language, to have “gall” implies boldness. Anatomically speaking, though, the gallbladder has more to do with the storage and potency of bile. The pancreas also produces and secretes important hormones. When working together with the stomach, these organs keep the digestive system functioning healthily.

For those who benefit from hands-on study, we recommend taking a look at the Pancreas Gallbladder and Spleen Anatomy Model, a budget friendly but detailed anatomical model. With its clear and colorful design, this model informs with its detail and an attractive educational card. The model is an excellent patient education aid, as well.

Anatomical charts are another option for studying the internal anatomy of the body. One great option for study of the gallbladder and pancreas is the Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas Sticky Anatomy Chart. This chart looks beautiful displayed in patient waiting areas, and makes an excellent addition to your patient education options.

Anatomy Warehouse offers a variety of anatomical study aids at the best prices. Our customer support team is here to help you select the perfect product for you.