Skeletons & Skulls

The skeletal structure of the human body is simply astounding, from its crowning glory, the skull, to the tiniest of metatarsals. Because an understanding of the skeleton is such a solid base to an anatomical education, we at Anatomy Warehouse have compiled this exceptional collection of models, ranging from budget quality to the top of the line, so that anyone can enjoy and learn from a great anatomical model. Whether you’re looking for a spine, desktop skeleton, detailed skull, or even disarticulated skeletons to facilitate better study of each bone, we’ve got the perfect product for you.

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  1. Axis Scientific Painted Flexible Vertebral Column with Femur Heads

  2. Axis Scientific Human Skeleton with Flexible Spine, Muscle Insertions, and Ligaments Test

  3. Axis Scientific 22 Part Osteopathic Didactic Human Skull

  4. Axis Scientific Classic Flexible Human Skeleton

  5. Axis Scientific 22 Part Osteopathic Natural Bone Human Skull

  6. Axis Scientific Miniature Painted Human Skeleton

  7. Axis Scientific Didactic Premium Flexible Vertebral Column

  8. Axis Scientific Life-Size Flexible Vertebral Column

  9. Axis Scientific Life-Size Human Skull with Blood Vessels

  10. Axis Scientific Painted Human Skeleton

  11. Axis Scientific Life-Size Human Skull with Removable Muscles

  12. Axis Scientific 22-Part Disarticulated Life-Size Human Skull

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The Best of Skeletons & Skulls – Anatomical Models for Everyone

At Anatomy Warehouse, we want to make sure you get the right product every time, whether you’re buying a skeleton you intend to use for years or a skull for a one time art project. Each realistic model is hand selected by our team of experts, with factors like detail, price, and variety taken into account. No matter your budget, we’ve got something to suit your needs.

Who buys our products, you may be asking yourself? Why, a huge range of people! From medical students to professors, chiropractors to yoga enthusiasts, almost everyone is interested in the way their body works, and forming a good base understanding of the body starts at the skeleton and its structures. With our collection, students will find it easier than ever to absorb this valuable and sometimes confusing information. After all, a hands-on approach is found to be extremely helpful for many, and when a student can flex a spine model, touch the greater trochanter, and see the individual facets of an actual cast of a human spinal column, they find themselves more interested in the material than ever.

We highly recommend that customers accompany many of these products with one of our exceptional variety of anatomical charts, for an even more in-depth correlation.

Our customers at Anatomy Warehouse love our combination of knowledgeable staff, great deals, and guaranteed satisfaction. Contact our support team with any questions!