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Human Skeleton Anatomy Models

We stock the largest selection of human skeletal anatomy models, teaching skeleton models, human skull anatomy models, flexible spine models, lumbar spine anatomy models, pelvic skeleton teaching models, and more, all at the lowest prices in the industry. Our human skeleton models come in a variety of forms, including flexible models, articulated skeleton anatomy models, disarticulated skeleton models, budget skeletal models, high-end anatomical skeletons, and even numbered and painted skeletons. offers a full line of spinal anatomy models and pelvic skeleton models that are great for patient education and students.

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  1. Axis Scientific Human Skeleton with Flexible Spine, Muscle Insertions, and Ligaments Test

  2. Axis Scientific Classic Flexible Human Skeleton

  3. Axis Scientific Miniature Painted Human Skeleton

  4. Rudiger Anatomie Deluxe Super Skeleton with Musculature and Ligaments

  5. Axis Scientific Painted Human Skeleton

  6. Axis Scientific Classic Human Skeleton with Study & Numbering Guide

  7. Axis Scientific Disarticulated Half Child Skeleton

  8. Axis Scientific Complete Disarticulated Human Skeleton

  9. First Quality Budget Bucky Skeleton Anatomy Model With Stand

  10. Axis Scientific Half Disarticulated Human Skeleton

  11. Axis Scientific Miniature Skeleton with Flexible Spine

  12. Axis Scientific Miniature Human Skeleton

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Human Skeleton Models For Medical Schools, Classroom Teaching & Doctor's Offices:

Remember times at school, when the biggest attraction in the biology lab was the human skeleton? Human skeleton models are highly useful, not just in attracting young kids to the medical field but educating them, too, and this collection of anatomical models of the skeletal systems will achieve just that. We have a wide range of human anatomy bone figures, anatomical skeletons and skeletal representations of the human torso.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and forms of the human skeleton. From articulated to disarticulated, large, life-size skeletons to mini skeletal figures for display and educational purposes. All the bones and structures of the skeletal system are made from life-like material which is great for a classroom or that special lecture in the biology lab. Our skeletal figures are also useful for explaining pathologies and procedures to patients suffering from skeletal abnormalities or diseases.

Also get spinal column, foot, arm and hand skeletons, available as individual parts.

Shop human anatomy skeletons at the best prices from our Anatomy Warehouse store. They also come in handy on Halloween !