Torsos has the largest selection of human anatomical torso models, including muscled anatomy models, dual sex anatomical torsos, male anatomy torsos, female anatomical torsos, and deluxe anatomical torso models, all at the absolute lowest prices on the web. Our anatomical torso models feature ranging levels of removable organs, including brain models, heart models, liver models, eye models, pancreas models and detachable muscles. Our life-size human torso models are great for classrooms, large and small, and even for students. Each anatomical torso model is guaranteed to be at the lowest price in the industry.

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  1. Axis Scientific 18-Part Premium Unisex Life-Size Torso with Open Back

  2. Axis Scientific Dual Sex Muscled Human Torso Model

  3. Axis Scientific 27-Part Dual-Sex Life-Size Torso with Open Back

  4. Axis Scientific 16-Part Mini Torso

  5. Classic Human Unisex Torso Anatomy Model (16 Parts)

  6. Mini Desktop Human Torso Anatomy Model (12 Parts)

  7. Budget Dapper Dan Torso Anatomy Model, 14 Parts

  8. Budget Sweet Sue Torso Anatomy Model

  9. (Asian) Deluxe Human Dual-Sex Torso Anatomy Model

  10. 39 Part Multi Torso Five In One Configuration Anatomy Model

  11. 36 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Male Female Sexless And Pregnancy Configuration

  12. 33 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Three In One Configuration

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Human Torso Models with Accurate Detailing:

We have an extensive collection of human torso models, ranging from muscled torso models to male and female torso models, ideal for high school or medical classroom teaching and even for keeping inside laboratories and doctors' offices. Whether you want to educate your medical class on the human body and its inner workings or you want to keep a torso model in your office to help your patients better understand their body, you will find something that matches your requirements perfectly.

Our collection also features torso models with removable parts, with some models having up to 39 different parts. If you want highly detailed torso models, where you can take apart the model and understand how each part of the body fits in and functions, then we suggest that you take a look at the Axis Scientific Deluxe Dual Sex Human Anatomy Model, which has more than a dozen detachable parts and 200 hand-numbered anatomical features, which means you get a great level of detail and precision. We also have full sized torso models which display the complete musculature along with skin and surface topography.  We also have male and female torso models for those who want to study the male and female body separately or you can choose a sexless torso without any genitalia for younger audiences.

It’s our mission to bring to you only the best and most detailed anatomical models and at the lowest possible prices. Partner with us and you will never want to shop with anyone else!