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Axis Scientific

Axis Scientific has already made major inroads in the anatomy study material industry, emerging as one of the most popular brands among its contemporaries. With its exceptionally well-crafted vertebral models, skeletons and skulls, the company offers budget-friendly solutions for anatomy teaching in the classrooms, assisting educators in their efforts to impart precise, accurate, and factually correct information to their students. Axis Scientific vertebral columns and models of the skeletal system are considered best in class due to their life-like designs, minute detailing, and expert labeling of each part.

Axis Scientific products are accompanied by teacher-approved manuals and feature actual photographs of various parts of the anatomy and not illustrations. With these lifelike models, anatomy teaching in classrooms or during a patient consultation will never be the same. Take a look at our inventory of Axis Scientific vertebral columns and you will know why it is one of our best sellers! Choose from Axis scientific premium flexible models, miniature vertebral columns, or the fully detailed model of the 5th cervical vertebra.

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