Axis Scientific 2-Part Deluxe Life-Size Human Heart


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Axis Scientific presents this attractive and detailed anatomical model of the human heart. Life sized for full study potential, this incredible model offers a simple 2 piece design, held together with hidden magnets. The front wall of the heart can be removed and replaced easily, allowing for easy study of the internal structures of the heart.

The model displays 34 hand numbered anatomical features, including the atria, auricles, ventricles, aorta, cardiac veins, and more. The model itself is hand painted for an exceptional level of detail, even displaying the texture of the surface of the heart and its features.

Axis Scientific believes anatomical education does not need to break the bank! Our collection of anatomical models features tremendous detail at prices that are sure to make you smile.

Model is presented on an attractive plastic stand. Includes detailed key.

Made by Axis Scientific and backed by a 3 year warranty. Measures 6" H x 4" L x 3" W inches (without base). Weighs roughly 1 lb.

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Product FAQ

Q: Is this model to scale?
A: The Axis Scientific two-part heart is designed to be an affordable tool for studying and educational reference. Because human anatomy is inherently not symmetrical or the same across all bodies, please contact our Support Team if you are looking to study something specific or need to confirm whether this product will meet your needs!

Q: Does this model stay together easily?
A: Yes, once the two pieces are put back into place, they are held together with magnets. The magnets hold the pieces securely in place.

Q: Can this model be removed from the base, or is it fixed?
A: Yes, you can remove the model from the base. The heart can easily be slid on or off of the pole that is inserted into the base.

Q: What are the two white pieces that can be viewed when the heart is opened?
A: The two white pieces labeled 26 and 29 are the tricuspid and bicuspid valves respectively.

Q: What is this model made of?
A: This model is made of a high-quality PVC plastic and is hand-painted.

Q: Is anything included with the model?
A: Yes, in addition to receiving the model, and the included base, you will also receive a colorful product guide detailing 34 key anatomical features.

Q: Can this model be used by children?
A: Yes, nearly all of the products we carry at can be used by children.  Because the removable parts on this model are small, we do recommend that younger anatomists are supervised during use.

Q: Can this be used as a replacement heart for the Axis Torsos?
A: Unfortunately, this heart can't be used as a replacement for the torsos. If you need any additional parts for your model, please give us a call at 800-422-1134 for assistance. 

Q: Is this model hard, or squishy to demonstrate the heart beat?
A: This model made of a hard pastic, and is best used for display and studying the anatomy of the heart. 

Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education, Patient Consultation
Product Extras Product Manual
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