Axis Scientific 22-Part Disarticulated Life-Size Human Skull


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Providing you with another beautiful and useful model, here is the Axis Scientific 22 part disarticulated human skull. This model is great for hands on studying of the different bones of the skull individually. This model cannot be reassembled, as the detailed bones come supplied completely disarticulated.

The following bones are present:

- Parietal bone (left and right)

- Occipital bone

- Frontal bone

- Temporal bone (left and right)

- Sphenoid bone

- Ethmoid bone

- Vomer bone

- Zygomatic bone (left and right)

- Upper jaw (maxilla) with teeth (left and right)

- Palatine bone (left and right)

- Nasal concha (left and right)

- Lacrimal bone (left and right)

- Nasal bone (left and right)

- Lower jaw (mandible) with teeth

Axis Scientific provides models with accurate detail at a great price. This collection of anatomical models is definitely the answer for students and educators with a tight budget.

Made by Axis Scientific and backed by a 3 year warranty. Weighs approximately 2 lbs.

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Product FAQ

Q:  Can this skull be articulated / assembled?
A:  While we believe nothing in this world is impossible, assembling this skull is not part of its intended uses and would require advanced skill.  Compared to other disarticulated skulls available at, this skull does not feature any of the hardware that is necessary to hold all 22 bones together.  However, we absolutely encourage you to try to assemble it, as that is what makes this such a great learning and teaching tool!  If you are hard-set on assembling this skull, super glue would likely hold it together (forever).

Q:  What is the model made of?
A:  This model is made of a high-quality PVC plastic cast from an original human skull.

Q:  Who is this model made for?
A:  This skull is ideal for advanced study of the human skull anatomy, because it gives users unrestricted access to all anatomical details.  Many university students use this skull in high-level anatomy and physiology courses, and it is a favorite among teachers of all levels.  Many forensics experts love this skull because of the incredible detail and quality, as well as the challenge it can pose to students who need to learn how to positively identify human remains in any condition.

Q: Will this include all the bones of the skull?

A: Yes, while you cannot assemble this model, if you were to line all of of the pieces up, it would create a complete skull.

Q: I have lost a piece of this skull. Do you have replacement parts?

A: Please contact support at 800-422-1134, we will be more than happy to see what we can do for you.

Q: Will I be able to view the bony landmarks on each piece of the bones?

A: Yes, this model is very detailed. You will be able to view all of the bony landmarks that occur on a human skull.

Q: Is this model numbered or labeled?
A: No, this model is not numbered or labeled. 

Q: Is this skull gender specific?
A: This model is of an adult male skull.

Q: Does this skull come with any teeth?
A: This model does not come with teeth. 

Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education, Patient Consultation
Product Extras Product Manual
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