Axis Scientific 3-Part Female Pelvis


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This fantastic female pelvis model Made by Axis Scientific and backed by a 3 year warranty features removable parts to show all parts of the female reproductive system, as well as the urinary system and muscular anatomy. Half of the pelvis is shown, along with a removable attachment to see the outer reproductive organs as a whole. Perfect for studying the inner and outer anatomy. This is a numbered model and is paired with a detailed product manual. It is also mounted on a white base for simple display. Excellent for patient consultation and lab use.

Made by Axis Scientific and backed by a 3 year warranty. Measures 11 inches tall. Base is 10.5x8 inches. Weighs approximately 4.5 lbs

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Product FAQ

Q:  Can the model be removed from the base?
A:  No, the model is securely fastened to the base.  Removing it is not recommended.

Q:  What parts are removable?
A:  Half of the pelvic diaphragm is removable, and once removed from the model, users can also remove the body of the uterus for an even more in-depth view of the female pelvic anatomy. Parts are held together with magnets and sturdy metal posts.

Q:  Who is this model made for?
A:  This anatomy model is ideal for students and physcians.  Students can learn about all of the internal organs, including the pelvic floor, of the female pelvis.  Physicians love to use this model during patient consultation, to show patients a variety of conditions they may be suffering from, and is great for pre-operative consultations.

Q: Do you carry a male version of this model?

A: Yes we do. We have the Axis 3 Part Pelvis.

Q: What can be removed from this model?

A: The female genitalia insert can be removed this model.

Q: What kind of warranty does this model come with?

A: All of the Axis Scientific Models come with a 1 year warranty.

Q: Is this showing a mature adult female pelvis with developed organs?
A: Yes, this is model is showing mature female organs after puberty.

Q: What is this model made of?
A: This model is made of a high-quality PVC plastic and is hand-painted.

Q: Does this model come off of the base? What is it held together with?
A: This model does not come off of the base. It is held together with small metal pegs and magnets. 

Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education, Patient Consultation
Product Extras Product Manual
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