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Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Human Skull

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Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Human Skull

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Q: What is this model made of?
A: This skull is made of a high-quality PVC plastic.

Q: Does this model come with a warranty?
A: Yes, all Axis Scientific models come with a 1-year warranty.

Q: Can you see individual sutures and foramen on this skull?
A: Yes, several critical parts of the human skull are visible, such as the coronal suture, saggital suture, lambdoid suture, styloid process, mastoid process, coronoid process, condylar process, lesser wing of sphenoidal bone, and approximately 50 other important details.  A complete list of features is below:

1. Frontal Bone
2. Parietal Bone
3. Occipital Bone
4. Temporal Bone
5. Ethomid Bone
6. Sphenoid Bone
7. Nasal Bone
8. Maxilla
9. Lacrimal Bone
10. Zygomatic Bone
11. Vomer
12. Inferior Nasal Concha
13. Palatine Bone
14. Coronal Suture
15. Sagittal Suture
16. Lambdoid Suture
17. External Occipital Protuberance
18. Foramen Magnum
19. Occipital Condyle
20. Jugular Foramen
21. Cartoid Canal External Opening
22. Styloid Process
23. Mastoid Process
24. Stylomastoid Foramen
25. External Acoustic Meatus
26. Mandibular Fossa
27. Articular Tubercle
28. Zygomatic Arch
29. Pterion
30. Supraorbital Notch
31. Superior Orbital Fissure
32. Inferior Orbital Fissure
33. Optic Canal
34. Fossa for Lacrimal Sac
35. Infraorbital Foramen
36. Incisive Foramen
37. Greater Palatine Foramen
38. Lesser Palatine Foramina
39. Anterior Cranial Fossa
40. Crista Galli
41. Lesser Wing of Sphenoidal Bone
42. Middle Cranial Fossa
43. Hypophysial Fossa
44. Foramen Rotundum
45. Foramen Ovale
46. Foramen Spinosum
47. Foramen Lacerum
48. Posterior Cranial Fossa
49. Internal Acoustic Opening
50. Hypoglossal Canal
51. Mandible
52. Coronoid Process
53. Condylar Process
54. Mental Foramen
55. Mandibular Foramen

Q: Are the features of this skull numbered on the actual model?

A: No, this model is not labeled with numbers. If you are looking for a skull that is numbered, we would suggest the Axis Numbered Skull .

Q: Can the jaw be opened to replicate normal jaw movement?

A: Yes, the jaw can be opened. The springs that are normally found on the outside of skull models, are actually on the inside of this model. You cannot view the spring from the outside of the model

Q: Does this model come with a brain to insert into the skull?

A: This model does not come with a brain, but the Axis Skull with Brain does come with a brain model that will fit perfectly inside of the skull.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Michelle
Overall Rating
I actually just needed a skull for a Shakespeare play that my theater group was putting on, but this model is great, especially for the price. The fine details are not something that the audience will see, but it definitely fascinated me. Thinking about taking an basic anatomy class next semester. Love it! (Posted on 4/10/17)
Review by AC
Overall Rating
I looked through all of the skulls on Anatomy Warehouse and decided on this one. It looks just like the more expensive ones but it's a fraction of the cost. I'm very happy with my purchase! (Posted on 3/1/16)
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