Need Help Picking the Right Model? Use our Best Uses Tips!

At, we believe customers deserve the right product for them in every situation. After all, what’s right for one person may not be right for another! Even something as “simple” as a skull model has a wide range of available features and details. With all of these options, it can be a daunting task to make a choice. Our recommended Best Uses are just one of the ways Anatomy Warehouse helps you make the best choice for you. Still not sure what you need? Contact our Support Team for expert guidance on your purchase.

Elementary Education

Younger students or people who are simply curious will love this selection of products. Designed with the beginner in mind, these models are a great introduction to an anatomical or medical education. Elementary models typically feature more basic anatomical detail and are priced accordingly. These models make great gifts for curious children as well!

Medical Education

More advanced study requires more advanced models. Our experts recommend these products for eager students in high school, all the way up to graduate school and into your professional career. We often see customers using these products from the time they start school and into their practice, during patient consultation. These models feature clear markings, incredibly detailed anatomical structures, true-to-life scale, product manuals to guide your education, and many of these products come with 1-3 year warranties.

Patient Consultation

Medical consultations can be stressful for both doctor and patient, but not with the addition of one of these beautiful and detailed models. Simple enough for anyone to understand but detailed enough to cover all your bases, these products look amazing in your office while providing quality and important healthcare information.

Practical Skills Training

It’s impossible to have a thorough education as a medical professional without hands on experience, but obtaining human volunteers can be tough, and is sometimes not practical. Our collection of manikins and simulators help students gain a clearer understanding of a variety of medical procedures, from CPR and choking manikins, to injection trainers, to OB/GYN manikins. Saving lives starts with the experience you gain using our products.

Medical Illustration

Many customers ask us to recommend products for artistic study and reference. With these customers in mind, we’ve created this collection of incredibly detailed products. Realistic detail, true-to-life scale, and vibrant markings allow artists to constantly improve their ability to bring the human form to life in all mediums – sketching, painting, and sculpting the human form are just a few of the things you can do with these products.


Your office doesn’t have to be boring! The human body is a work of art, and these items make amazing décor for any setting. From gorgeous Medart bronze torsos, to animal skeletons, to gorgeous displays of common anatomical parts, these products add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your space with a scientific flair. Office accessories such as femur-shaped pen holders and quirky coffee mugs can also be found in this collection.