Our digestive systems are vital to the healthy continued function of our bodies, and our stomachs are particularly important for this. Study the stomach with one of our detailed anatomical charts or models. Designed with both students and medical professionals in mind, this collection is useful for hands-on and visual study. Anatomy Warehouse knows how important it is to have accurate study aids, as well as informative models and charts for patient education. Not sure what you need? Contact our expert support team for advice.

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  1. Stomach Anatomy Model With Ulcers

  2. SOMSO Complete Digestive System Model - 2/3 Life Size

  3. Life-Size Human Digestive System Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  4. Human Stomach Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  5. Human Stomach Anatomy Model

  6. Gastric Band Model

  7. Intestinal Diseases

  8. Stomach With Ulcers Anatomy Model

  9. Stomach Cancer Anatomy Model

  10. The Digestive System Anatomical Chart
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  11. Axis Scientific Abdominal Cross Section Model at T12

  12. Life-Size Two Piece Stomach Anatomy Model

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Easy to Digest Study of the Stomach – Anatomical Models and Charts

Located between the esophagus and the small intestine, the human stomach secretes enzymes and acids to assist in the process of digestion. Its internal structures help break down food for easier movement through the intestines, and help create chyme, the product of partially digested food. Understanding the stomach’s structure and actions is so important to medical study, and anatomical models and charts can be extremely useful in this pursuit.

We love the Human Stomach Anatomy Model for its solid detail of external and internal structures of the stomach. With its detailed and durable construction, it makes a great study aid for years to come. The vessels and nerves of the stomach are easy to observe, thanks to its bisected construction. The model is hand painted and intricately detailed, and is great for hands-on study and patient education.

For those looking for a more 2D approach, we recommend anatomical charts, such as the Anatomical Chart of the Digestive System. These charts are an informative and detailed addition to any medical facility or office.

With our great prices and service, Anatomy Warehouse wants to help you study most effectively, and educate patients with ease. For the best advice on these and other products, contact our support team.