Brain Models

With our complete collection of anatomical brain models, it’s easy to find the right brain for your purposes. Whether you’re just starting out in anatomical study or you’re an experienced professional, Anatomy Warehouse offers a model that will help you. Our brain models feature high quality detail, and many can be dissected into many pieces for a full study of the brain, up close and personal. Anatomy Warehouse offers a comprehensive collection of anatomical education products at a range of prices, with the best customer support in the industry.

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  1. Axis Scientific 8-Part Deluxe Human Brain with Arteries

  2. Axis Scientific Life-Size Regional 2-Part Human Brain

  3. Base Of Head With 7 Part Brain Anatomy Model

  4. Giant Functional Center Brain Anatomy Model

  5. SOMSO Deluxe Brain in 8 Parts

  6. SOMSO Model of Brain Stem in 8 Parts

  7. Economy Human Brain Anatomy Model (2 Parts)

  8. Budget Brain with Arteries Anatomy Model

  9. SOMSO Neuroanatomy Head Model

  10. SOMSO Premium Brain in 15 Parts - Transparent Version

  11. SOMSO Premium Brain in 15 Parts

  12. Human Head And Neck Musculature Anatomy Model

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Use Your Head! Study with Anatomical Models of the Brain

In a normal human being, it is estimated that there are between 15 and 33 billion neurons, each connected by a series of synapses, making the brain among the most complex and fascinating organs of the body. It shares a structure similar to other mammals, but with a more developed cortex. A large portion of this development lies in the cerebral cortex, especially the areas associated with reasoning and abstract thought. In spite of its protective “helmet,” the skull, the brain is subject to a number of disorders and injuries, including poisoning by neurotoxin, physical damage from a closed blow, and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Psychiatric conditions, too, are associated with this fascinating structure.

For those studying diseased brains, the Diseased Brain in Skull Anatomy Model is a budget conscious and detailed option. The model features a half skull, which holds a full brain that can be dissected into several parts. It displays a variety of conditions including stroke, aneurysm, and alcoholism. It is useful for patient education, and also looks great displayed.

For a truly advanced option, check out the Neuro-Anatomical Brain Anatomy Model, a detailed model displaying colored representations of the cerebral lobes.

Anatomy Warehouse helps students, medical professionals, and anatomy enthusiasts find just what they’re looking for every day.