Classic Human Unisex Torso Anatomy Model (18 Parts)


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Made in Germany by American 3B Scientific, this classic torso is hand-painted true to detail and made of high-quality plastic. This human unisex torso model has the unique feature of an open neck and back section going from the cerebellum to the coccyx. Vertebrae, intervertebral discs, spinal cord, spinal nerves, vertebral arteries, and many other features are represented in detail in this colorful replica of the human anatomy This human torso model includes the following removable parts and organs:
- 7th thoracic vertebra removable
- 6-part head
- 2 lungs
- 2-part heart
- Stomach
- Liver with gall bladder
- 2-part intestinal tract
- Front half of kidney
- Front half of urinary bladder

All the organs in this human torso are hand painted for a quality product. This torso is great for medical students, especially those with an interest in the spinal column. The torso is accompanied by 3B's amazing torso guide. Torso measures 34.3 x 15.0 x 9.8 in and weighs 13 lbs.
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Q: Does this torso model come with a manual?
A: This torso model from 3B Scientific comes with the 3B Torso Study Guide found here.

Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education
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