Complete Dual Sex Muscle Figure Anatomy Model


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The Complete Dual Sex Muscle Figure Anatomy Model is a half life-size anatomy model showing incredible detail of the gross human anatomy. This complete human anatomy is just over 33 inches tall, and is ideal for educators or students who have tight work spaces to consider. Fantastically hand-detailed and complete with 33 removable parts, this human anatomy figure represents fine quality at a great price-to-performance ratio. Hand-painted using realistic colors, this human anatomy model comes complete with a stand and detailed multilingual product manual. This half life-size model is packed with features and includes the following removable parts:

  • 5 arm/shoulder muscles
  • 8 leg/hip muscles
  • 2-part heart
  • 2-part brain
  • 2 lungs
  • 2-part male and 2-part female genital inserts
  • 2-part intestine system
  • Detachable breast/belly covering and arms for detailed study
  • Almost 400 hand-numbered and identified structures

The Complete Dual Muscle Figure Anatomy Model is 33.1 x 11.8 x 11.8 in. and weighs 12.13 lbs. Proudly manufactured in Germany by 3B Scientific.

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