Embryonic Development In 12 Stages


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The model represents the development of the human germ cells from fertilisation until the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy in 12 stages. Each stage can be removed from the common stand as an individual part and can be purposefully used for teaching and tests for the embryological specialist field.
  •  Ovum at time of fertilisation (conception) with male gamete (sperm)
  •  Zygote at 2-cell stage, approx. 30 hours after fertilisation
  •  Zygote at 4-cell stage, after around 40-50 hours
  •  Zygote at 8-cell stage, after around 55 hours
  •  Morula
  •  Blastocyst after around 4 days
  •  Blastocyst after around 5 days
  •  Blastocyst after around 8-9 days
  •  Germ cells at approx. 11th day
  •  Germ cells at approx. 20th day
  •  Embryo at around the end of the 1st month of pregnancy
  •  Embryo at around the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy
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