Functional Skeletal Model - Frank


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Developed with the assistance of John Chester M.D., this unique scientific Functional Skeleton model comes on a hanging stand and features a unique flexible assembly of all joints, allowing you to perform the individual movements in a nearly lifelike way. You can even demonstrate the complex motions of the upper extremity with this functional human skeleton. The shoulder blades rotate along when the arms are raised. Even the position of the radial and ulnar bones during inward and outward rotation of the lower arm can be graphically demonstrated. The human skeleton's flexible spine allows for natural movement (lateral inclination, flexion and extension, rotation). Even the restricted mobility of the iliosacral joint and the sacrococcygeal joint can be demonstrated.

A great functional human skeleton model, with a wonderful price-performance ratio, the Functional Skeleton, also known as Frank, is cast from an original human skeleton and mimics most natural human movement. The skeletal model has a closely realistic weight for the almost 200 bones present, and is life size at a height of 75.8 in. Skeleton is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty through American 3B Scientific. Made of durable, unbreakable plastic, Frank is supplied with stand and dust cover. Model weighs 21 lbs, and is wonderful in any medical setting, especially those interested in displaying a full range of movement. Made in Germany.
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MPN A15/3S
Product FAQ

Q : What is the extent of Frank's flexibility?  What parts are moveable? 

A : Frank is truly an incredible skeleton, and is flexible as if he were a real human.  All joints are moveable, easily displaying movements of the various joints.  His spine flexes, allowing for full demonstration of spinal flexibility, and even his shoulder blades rotate.  Even the ulna and radius rotate realistically! 

Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education
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