Meal Portion Replicas

It can be hard to help clients and students visualize a certain number of calories, but with these replicas, trainers and teachers can put together healthy meals for students to observe.  Anatomy Warehouse wants you to be the healthiest you can be, and with our new collection of food replicas, we hope to help you on your road to a nutritious life.  Backed by our low price guarantee, our products are all guaranteed to be just what you need.

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  1. Food Replica Packages 1, 2, & 3 (WA02986U, WA02987U, & WA02988U)

  2. All 10 Food Group Sets

  3. MyPlate Classroom Kit

  4. Food Replica Packages 1 & 2 (WA02986U & WA02987U)

  5. Complete MyPlate Kit

  6. A Days Intake Complete Kit

  7. Complete Big Kit Set

  8. Great Food Kit

  9. MyPlate Food Kit

  10. Fruit & Vegetable Rainbow Foods Kit

  11. Carb Counting Food Kit and Tear Pad

  12. Food Replica Package 3

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Meal Portion Replicas for Nutrition Education

Food replicas are a great way for nutritionists, health educators, and personal trainers to educate their students about what is an acceptable portion size, without the use of perishables.  With a variety of models available, it becomes easier to teach about the nutritive value of food portions, caloric value, principles of menu planning, and ways to help control weight.  The portion sizes are recommended by the American Dietetic Food Exchange System, and are made from molds of real food.  The models are latex free and nontoxic, but we still don't recommend eating them!

A great starter point is the Food  Replica Starter Kit.  This kit includes 27 realistic food replicas from all the food groups, allowing for custom meal portion planning.  Real foods are represented here, none of the processed things that are so common in unhealthy eating.  Choose from vegetables, fruits, juices, dairy, meat and other proteins.  The collection is a great place to start, and will surely help educate your students and clients.

We recommend that nutrition educators pair their food replicas with educational nutrition posters, such as those found in our collection.  Topics covered include eating disorders, healthy weight maintenance, and the risks of obesity, making it a wonderful collection for health educators.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best health science collection on the web.   Contact our customer support team with any questions about  these and our other products.