Advanced Life Support

The Advanced Life Support catalog from Anatomy Warehouse features the biggest selection of medical manikins and simulators, including advanced airway, advanced IV arm, IV hand, arterial stick arm, basic infant crisis manikins, and many more high quality anatomical trainers. The manikins are realistically sized and have great detail. These manikins are ideal for providing real life learning experience for students and anyone in the medical industry. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best service and prices to its customers.

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  1. Complete CRiSis Manikin w/Advanced Airway Larry AMT Head

  2. Airway Larry Adult Airway Management Trainer Head

  3. Deluxe Plus CRiSis Adult Auscultation Manikin with CPR Metrix & iPad

  4. Crisis Adult Auscultation Manikin With Ecg Simulator

  5. Stat Manikin With Deluxe Airway Management Head Simulator

  6. Deluxe Plus CRiSis Adult Manikin with CPR Mextrix & iPad with Case

  7. Deluxe Child Manikin Kit With Ecg

  8. Deluxe Adult Crisis Manikin With Ecg

  9. Deluxe Complete Infant Crisis Manikin

  10. Cricotracheotomy Trainer

  11. Intermediate Infant Crisis Manikin

  12. Advanced Airway Larry Airway Management Trainer Torso

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Items 1-12 of 226

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Training Manikins for Advanced Life Support

Teaching and training medical personnel is not an easy task. How can a student train in complicated procedures without a volunteer “patient”? Here at Anatomy Warehouse, we focus on providing easy and efficient educational solutions for the medical industry without the use of a human volunteer.

Our high quality Advanced Life Support collection has been gathered from the best manufacturers in the world, so that you can experience real-life-like simulations. Building patient confidence and comfort is always a #1 concern for medical professionals.  These manikins and trainers will help your students develop the skills necessary to give quality care – The best way to build a lifelong patient relationship.

Perfect for EMT and nurse training, as well as medical student simulations, our ALS collection includes life support medical manikins, trauma training simulators, advanced airway trainers, and IV arm simulators. We offer the best training solutions to prepare you for real life medical emergencies and crises.  

Anatomy Warehouse backs our products with a money back guarantee, and has the best customer support in the industry.  Even better, orders over $100 qualify for free Ground shipping in the contiguous United States.