Tracheostomy Trainers

Anatomy Warehouse is proud to offer one of the largest collections of medical training manikins on the web. Our selection of tracheostomy trainers is just one of our many advanced selections, available at the best prices every day. EMTs, paramedics, rescue personnel, and other medical professionals will benefit from these manikins. These manikins are ideal for providing real life learning experience for students and anyone in the medical industry. Anatomy Warehouse guarantees the lowest prices, and offers the best service in the industry.

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  1. The Anatomy Lab Tracheostomy Model

  2. The Anatomy Lab Infant Tracheostomy Care Manikin

  3. The Anatomy Lab Tracheostomy Care Model (Adult)

  4. The Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing

  5. The Anatomy Lab NG Tube & Tracheal Care Simulator

  6. The Anatomy Lab All-purpose Patient Care Simulator

  7. NENAsim Neonatal Simulator

  8. KOKEN Full-Body Pregnancy Simulator Type II

  9. KOKEN Suction Tube Feeding Simulator with Storage Bag

  10. KOKEN Decubitus Treatment Model

  11. Cricotracheotomy Trainer

  12. Ng Tube & Trach Skills Simulator

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Tracheotomy Trainers and Tracheostomy Care Simulators

Emergency personnel need to be versed in a wide range of techniques and procedures, including emergency airway surgery. One type of emergency airway technique is a tracheotomy, the process of making an incision on the anterior neck through the trachea. This process results in a hole, called a stoma or tracheostomy. The technique is widely practiced, and can be traced back to 3600 BC – It appears on ancient Egyptian artifacts from the time! Its illustrious background also includes inclusion in the famed Sanskrit text, the Rigveda, and even touches the story of Alexander the Great.

Tracheotomy training used to require cadavers, or the use of animal tissue, but with manikins and simulators, this need is old news! The Circotracheotomy Trainer from 3B Scientific offers a realistic alternative without messy cadavers. The trainer allows for repeated incisions and practice tracheostomy placement. The trainer features replaceable tracheas, making it a value over time for those teaching tracheotomy.

We also offer a great Tube & Trach Skills Simulator from Life/form. The manikin allows for a variety of practice of tracheostomy skills, including suctioning. Irrigation, insertion, and gastric lavage and gavage can be practiced, as well as the insertion of a feeding tube.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best manikins for a tremendous variety of first aid procedures and beyond.