Injection and Venipuncture Trainers

Intravenous injection training is so vital to so many types of medical professionals, but it can be a pain in the neck to train without a volunteer patient. No more! We offer a variety of venipuncture trainers that are perfect for nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and anyone training for a medical profession. Anatomy Warehouse carries a huge variety of anatomical and medical study aids, from manikins to models, simulators to study guides, all at the best low prices on the web.

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  1. Nita Newborn

  2. 3B Scientific Patient Care Manikin PRO

  3. Basic Patient Care Manikin Pro

  4. KOKEN Gluteal Intramuscular Injection Model

  5. Buttock Injection Simulator

  6. KOKEN Injection and Blood Sampling Practice Model Type 1

  7. Spinal Injection Simulator

  8. Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm with IV Arm Circulation Pump (Medium)

  9. Deluxe Dual-Sex Nurse Training Baby

  10. Chester Chest, Darkly Pigmented

  11. Chester Chest

  12. Peter Picc Line

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Venipuncture and IV Training

Venipuncture is an incredibly common procedure in medical professions. Whether drawing blood or obtaining access for an IV, a proper venipuncture technique is crucial for anyone in a medical profession. The use of a training device is one way to do this without the use of human volunteers. Our range of devices is tremendous! From individual smaller trainers priced to own to elaborate epidural trainers, we have the perfect training aid for your classroom at a price that will be perfect for your budget.

Invented by a clever medical assistant educator, the Venatech IV trainer series is perfect for cost conscious training situations. Available in fair and dark skin tones, these trainers are portable and convenient, making them an ideal starting point for those training in nursing and medical assistant professions, as well as other medical students.

Training students to properly perform epidurals is very important. After all, a poorly injected epidural can cause a patient extreme pain, or release spinal fluid. Our Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer is a wonderful option. It has replaceable skin and spinal bone, and offers realistic responses to improperly performed epidurals.

Anatomy Warehouse is the best option for educators and students looking for advanced medical training aids without a high price tag. Our Low Price Guarantee speaks for itself!