Max The Muscle Skeleton Anatomy Model

Max The Muscle Skeleton Anatomy Model is an anatomy model from 3B Scientific and manufactured in Germany. The human muscle skeleton model has all the high quality of any 3B Scientific skeleton but additionally offers representations of the structural interaction between bones and muscles. This model of a human skeleton depicts over 600 structures of medical/anatomical significance including muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) on the left side as well as hand numbered bones, fissures and foramina on the right side. An amazing high quality replica of the human skeleton. * Excellent price-performance ratio * 3-year warranty * First-class natural cast Made in Germany * Manual final assembly * Made of durable, unbreakable plastic * Almost realistic weight of the approx. 200 bones * Life-size * 3-part mounted skull * Individually inserted teeth * Limbs are quick and easy to remove * Stand and dust cover included. The model is best used for student education or patient consultations. Max The Muscle Skeleton Anatomy Model is 69.5 inches in length and weighs 21.10 lbs.
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Q : What do the red and blue markings indicate?

A : Most painted skeletons, Max included, indicate muscle origins in red and muscle insertions in blue.  The addition of muscle origins and insertions gives the skeleton additional study viability, especially when paired with a chart of the muscular system!

Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education, Patient Consultation
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